27 Years of European Destination Management.

Delivered at the highest level!

With an incredibly high retention policy, we have managed to expand and grow despite of having hardly promoted the business through the years.

WORD OF MOUTH.. we hope this could give you the peace of mind necessary to entrust you with your work

Covid has tested us all, has reshaped the company and.. reshaped travel overall: we cannot ignore it, it’s possibly behind us but we must ready to face the challenges with your clients’ new hesitations, our suppliers’ new policies and overall a new world of rules and fears that MUST NOT prevent us from moving forward.

We have quoted hundreds of programs through the pandemic, supporting our client travel agents at times when we know they were quoting out of desperation: since then we are now back to normal, welcoming your requests and aiming to provide you with our sense of diligence, our comprehensive quotes and the reassurance of a Company that will be here to support and explain

Looking forward to your contact, we thank you for your interest.

Silvia Nepi and Nicole Grossmann, Directors at Motion Europe Ltd