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Considering a career in Travel?

We are certainly exposed to quality and destinations: Europe is incredibly rich of history, points of interest, sceneries, fascinating cities, quaint villages, interesting cultures. Having to operate in such locations and being expected to provide the best quality of service, you’ll certainly be challenged and you’ll feel an amazing boost of adrenaline setting out to work, on most days!

The core of our Team did not change much through the years: stability is the essence. The Company is effectively.. our People.

None the less, each year we try to cater for the growing needs that we have and if you believe to have something good to offer to our Company, we will be happy to receive your application at

Please consider, given the nature of our Company, that you would need to have either sound knowledge of Europe and strong motivation, Tourism studies and/or clear intentions on your move towards Tourism, experience in accordance to the type of position seeked. Languages may help, attention to detail, good practical sense, .. a positive personality, negotiation skills, .. effectively no one may have all but.. you’d need to be exceptional at least at some of these.

We will always acknowledge your applications and we will do our best to consider them.
When mutual interest shall be found, we will endeavour to arrange a meeting to the purpose to evaluate you correctly