1. Who is Motion Europe Ltd?
Motion Europe Ltd is a full-service Incoming DMC with long-term experience and in-depth knowledge of European group and FIT travel. Striving to provide an outstanding and personalized service, reliability and competitive rates. Established in 1997, we aim to supply Travel Agents around the world with local support in destinations like Italy, France, Germany, United Kingdom, Spain, Austria, Netherlands, Belgium, Czech Republic, Portugal and many more.

2. What are the payment methods to Motion Europe?
Payments to Motion Europe can be submitted either by:
Credit/Debit Card
Bank/wire Transfer

3. Who are Motion Europe’s clients?
We are working with Travel agents mainly based in USA, Canada, Brazil, China & the Far East. Keeping margins low and a flexible setup Motion Europe Ltd managed to become a RELIABLE alternative to the larger institutionalized Wholesalers that secure their business on the basis of their sharp prices but that naturally struggle to provide an INDIVIDUAL AND DEDICATED SERVICE in view of their large impersonal setup: our agents can witness our performance.

4. Who is behind Motion Europe?
Motion Europe Ltd is running by professionals in the Tourism Industry. A Multicultural team that is able to cover the entire Continent. The team does support the management with care to details and dedicated efforts. The languages spoken in the office are the most common European languages, including (English), German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, French. – Mandarin, Cantonese and Japanese are also all spoken by mother tongue team members.

5. What is the Business and Venue Search on the Web site?
A Business Search provides an access to the business and venues database collected by the team at Motion Europe. Agents will be given log in details that will enable them to get an access to the information on businesses and venues, such as Name of Person in Charge, Address, Phone Number, Email, Website, etc

6. Can we trust Motion Europe?
Motion Europe (ME DMC) built a reputation in the past 18 years as one of the premier receptive European operators. Striving to provide outstanding and personalised service, reliability and competitive rates we have gained the trust of top Worldwide Organisations.

7. Is Motion Europe keeping hotels on Option?
We at Motion Europe ALWAYS “OPTION” hotels! Whatever we pass to our clients is safe and blocked for them to send to their clients.

8. Can I get more detailed information about Motion Europe?
If you need more information about the company, what we do and why we do it please give us a call at the given contact numbers or e-mail us at mail@motion-europe.com. You are also welcome to follow us on our Social Network profiles (Linkedin, Facebook & Twitter). There we will provide you with updates and information on offers, activities and future plans.

9. Do you want to work with Motion Europe?
Each year we try to cater for the growing needs that we have and if you believe to have something good to offer to our Company, we will be happy to receive your application at jobs@motion-europe.com.
Please consider, given the nature of our Company, that you would need to have either sound knowledge of Europe and strong motivation, Tourism studies and/or clear intentions on your move towards Tourism, experience in accordance to the type of position seeked. Languages may help, attention to detail, good practical sense, a positive personality, negotiation skills, etc.

10. In which segments is Motion Europe active in?
Motion Europe does specialize in Educational Business Travel, Cultural Study programs, Corporate Travel, Incentive programs & to cater to such pool of clients shall always aim to include also elements of pure Leisure aspects that are the essence of any travel program.

11. What services does Motion Europe offer within the Meetings & incentives industry?
Motion Europe will supply the Travel Agents and Organizers with suitable Venues, a team of suppliers to cater for the delegate’s needs, Translators (of any level) and the equipment required (boots, infrared receivers,/… and all others) to support them. Will appoint and supply any audio visual services, catering services, decorations, entertainment and PR, technical and any other professional services required

12. Does Motion Europe have a minimum or maximum group size that can handle?
Motion Europe does handle FROM groups of “1” VIP clients (often from the Far East) that require fully escorted and managed programs with a team of collaborators at their disposal to very large project, that run in thousands of customers (latest cooperation with Caissa China at the time of the Olympics 2012 with operations of a few thousand clients).

13. How does the booking process work?
Tour Operators shall send Motion Europe their programs to quote (or ask Motion Europe for help defining a particular program) and in turn Motion Europe shall secure first of all the accommodation space, block it on option, offer it along side the packaged program to provide a certain/firm proposal and eventually wait for the agent’s final decision as if to place the order by means of written instructions from a Company acting as sending agent. Motion Europe shall then confirm all services and send the organizing party the full details of reduction and cancellation policy to apply for safe keeping.

14. What currencies do you charge in?
Local currency. Always. We find that offering prices in local currency does waiver the need from our side to inflate the costs by adding a level of security on our end: it will be the Travel Agents abroad that shall then convert and price the local costings offered at the rate of exchange that they shall deem suitable to the purpose of securing their business from the organizing companies.

15. Why should I send my supplier service details to Motion Europe?
Motion Europe always strives to update and enrich its database of suppliers around Europe, contributing to the uniqueness of our clients’ experiences. By providing us with your details we will keep you on file and will contact you in case of mutual beneficial interest.