Silvia Nepi
Managing Director

Director and Owner, 30 years in Travel. Passion to deliver the perfect customization. In recent times mostly focused on Academic and Business travel.

Nicole Grossmann

Joined directorship in 2010 after working at Dresden Tourist Board . An exceptionally bright and talented professional. Supports worldwide agents, with precision and speed. Holds a Masters of Arts in Tourism from University of Westminster London

Raj Yadav
Senior Administrator

Senior Administrator, Computer Networking.

Gaia Piras
Key Account Manager

Enthusiastic and result driven Travel Designer focused on creating value for customers and profitability for the company. 10 years of operational experience in the travel industry, dealing successfully with group enquires.
People person with university background in Art, Cinema and Theatre, passionate with travelling
to experience different culture.
[Proven ability of managing several simultaneous projects and building long term relationships with internal and external stakeholders]

Marta Wozniak
Key Account Manager

Hi. I am Marta. I completed a Sport Management at AWF University in Poland, graduating as a Basketball Coach. My passion for Travel Industry stared at young age browsing the World Maps in my free time. I have been involved in the Travel Industry since 2018. I am dynamic, passionate and highly motivated. As also detail oriented and strategic in organising and planning the best possible experience for my groups travelling within Europe. I am an active person with a passion for sport and travel.

Marta Kotwica
Key Account Manager

Travel, events and hospitality manger by experience (13 years). Vistied 12 European countries; lived in 2 (UK +10 years, motherland - Poland); next holiday planned to France and Czech Republic. Organiser and calculator by brain. Comedian, dancer and nature lover by heart. Accountant, business admin and lawyer by education. Anchor by surname! 

Rebecca Rogers
Key Account Manager

I was brought up in South London, but in an Italian family. My whole family, including extended, family worked in travel. I have been working in the industry for 20 years in the UK, Italy & Australia. Lived in Australia for 10 years. Can speak fluent Italian and intermediate Spanish with basic French. I have travelled the world, and have a passion for visiting new places and trying the local cuisine and embracing the culture. This gives me solid product knowledge and understanding to make sure the trips run smoothly. I have a good eye for detail and enjoy the logistical side of the work.

Andrea Cave
Key Account Manager

I have been working in the travel industry for 20 years. With strong planning and logistics experience alongside a wealth of first-hand destination knowledge I can help you plan the perfect trip!

Dipti Sahani
Hotel Purchasing

After enjoying a lengthy career in education, I've made the decision to transition my skills to the travel industry. I believe my experience, which encompasses proficiency with numbers, meeting targets, and navigating the educational sector, aligns well with Motion's expertise. I approach this new challenge with determination and enthusiasm.

Virginia Tonelli
Key Account Manager

Multilingual professional passionate about travelling with a 10+ years’ experience in Customer satisfaction. I’ve lived and worked in different Countries. This gave me the chance to get direct knowledge of the places visited. Open minded individual with B2B experience which allows me to transform stakeholder’s requests into great products and services.

Brayani Fernando
Operations Assistant

I am currently a student on a gap year, undertaking an internship at Motion Europe. I am a determined and resilient individual, eager to acquire new skills. I am reliable and frequently engage in volunteer work to contribute to the community.